Every day there is something new in the field of Science and Technology. The innovation in science and technology has changed the functions of man and machines. The development of science and technology has been providing feedback to industries and therefore industries are coming forward as partners in different research and development activities. The task of transferring innovations in R&D into real human use is multidisciplinary in nature and encompasses each and every field of science and technology.

Sunrise International Inc. is a consultancy company in the field of Scientific Instruments and scientific products, having an office in Bangalore. SII was founded in the year 2022 in the state of Karnataka, India and is committed to achieving excellence in all fields of its business operations. SII tries to meet and exceed its customer’s expectations by understanding their objectives, developing and delivering innovative solutions and becoming a vital resource to its customers by developing long-term gratifying relationships with professional staff and providing superior customer service and operational excellence.

Our Company primarily aims to provide consultancy services to researchers in several organizations to enable better operation of other industries as well as R&D centres. SII is growing swiftly with long-term relationships with its Global Partners on mutual respect, understanding and commitment. Sunrise International Inc. employees preserve the highest level of honesty and are likely to remain customer oriented.

Sunrise International Inc. deals in a wide range of high-tech scientific instruments and other products, like Spatial Light Modulators, Lasers, Opto-electronic components, Laser dyes, Refractive Index liquids, Laser Optics, Optical fibres, Coating materials, Pure materials, targets, Silicon nitride membranes, Fiber Bragg Gratings, ARC lamps, Krypton Flash Lamps, Xenon lamps, Non-coherent light sources for Photo Dynamic Therapy, Laser energy and power measurement meter, Sensor heads, Phase Mask, etc.